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9ine Privacy Academy

9ine Privacy Academy

Sector specific training for privacy professionals in schools is not
an area that is adequately provided for. Whilst training courses for becoming a ‘privacy practitioner’ or ‘GDPR certified’ are available, many are a repetition of the regulations / laws rather than practical training of managing privacy in an organisation, yet alone a school.

The 9ine Privacy Academy seeks to address this imbalance, with practical training, supported by resources for your schools privacy team to learn from our consultancy team how to embed a privacy programme in a school. Following the 9ine Privacy Framework the training programme provides structure, guidance and knowhow
and is suitable for those new to privacy, or those with many years
of experience.

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Discover the future of professional development for school IT and tech teams with 9ine's Tech Academy! Designed to fill the gap in structured training for IT professionals, our CPD-certified program offers a unique opportunity to enhance your team's skills and knowledge in securing and optimising IT systems.

9ine Technical Academy

Unveiling the Tech Academy Advantage

  • Comprehensive Learning: Delve deep into the world of IT security and operations with our nine modules, each carefully curated to provide a practical and instructional understanding of cyber security and IT system enhancement.

  • Guided Implementation: Navigate each module seamlessly with the support of our intuitive 9ine App, which offers step-by-step instructions to implement the concepts covered in the course.

  • Flexible Schedule: Access up to two-hour training workshops every month over seven months, empowering your team to learn at their own pace while staying engaged and up-to-date.
  • CPD Certification: Equip your IT and tech teams with a CPD-certified qualification that signifies their expertise and dedication to maintaining top-tier IT operations.

Elevate Your IT Team's Skills

Join the ranks of schools worldwide that have embraced the transformational power of 9ine's Tech Academy. Equip your IT professionals with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to fortify your school's IT infrastructure against cyber threats and optimise its operational performance.

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A Glimpse into the Modules

  • Network Switching Audit and Best Practice: Master network design, VLAN segregation, Port Level Authentication, and 802.1x configuration to enhance network security.

  • Access Control List Implementation: Elevate network security by implementing Access Control Lists aligned with Zero Trust Framework principles.
  • Wireless Audit & Best Practice: Craft and optimise a robust wireless network, covering access point heatmaps, channelling, and security.
  • Firewall Audit & Best Practice: Ensure school systems' safety and performance with in-depth firewall planning, configuration, and implementation.
  • Filtering Audit & Best Practice: Manage internet access and filtering while upholding privacy-by-design principles and HTTPS traffic inspection.
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery - 1st graphic
  • Incident Response Audit: Develop an incident management procedure plan for swift and efficient responses to cyber attacks and data breaches.

  • Cyber Awareness Audit & Best Practice: Strengthen cybersecurity awareness among users and simulate phishing scenarios for enhanced defence.
  • Email Protection Implementation: Safeguard against phishing attacks by implementing SPF, DKIM, and third-party email filtering solutions.
  • Disaster Recovery Audit and Best Practice: Gain insights into Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning, ensuring your school is prepared for any scenario.