Compliance Task Management

9ine App Task Management aggregates your school’s compliance tasks into projects, giving you clarity, control and confidence in the management of your privacy programme. Plan to optimise the resource needs across the academic year, and provide updates to your leadership and board on the progress of your programme when set against the resources available to the school.

Bird’s Eye View

Bird's Eye View

Get a bird’s eye view of the volume of tasks that need to be managed to keep on top of your school’s privacy programme. Assess all the work that needs to be completed at once or drill down to the task level. With all task data in one place you can better plan the people, resources and time needed to manage your compliance risk.

Automate and Streamline

Automate and Streamline

When something works well you want to replicate it! Tapping into automated process workflows across all privacy features will drive consistency and reduce the complexity in managing privacy compliance. Task management replaces manual processes and workarounds, saving time and money by working smarter.

Security incident response,  disaster recovery and  business continuity

Security incident response, disaster recovery and business continuity

When things go wrong, such as a cyber incident, your school will need to evaluate the impact, create an action plan, ensure everyone knows what they need to do, and keep a record of what you have done to manage the incident. Intelligent incident evaluation provides a streamlined approach to identify and manage risks from any privacy related incident. Capture risks in real time, address issues through integrated task management, and ensure all stakeholders understand their role in recovering from the incident.