9ine GRC – Safeguarding

Safeguarding risk management solutions that support schools to identify early indicators of potential harm, taking steps to protect their community.

Managing safeguarding risk

Managing safeguarding risk

Protecting children from harm is front and centre of 9ine’s solutions and services. Our technology is developed to aid schools in identifying risks of harm and in doing so, being able to react and mitigate those risks. In 2022 our privacy app will have a sibling, the 9ine Safeguarding Module. This module is designed to support schools in providing a comprehensive overview of safeguarding risk across the school – providing boards and leadership with clarity and transparency in the impact of daily safeguarding tasks supports the development of a safer school community. For schools in England, the safeguarding module is a critical component in demonstrating compliance with Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) statutory guidance.

Our expertise is not limited to safeguarding governance and risk management.

Using Technology for  Early Intervention

Using Technology for
Early Intervention

Technology can be used as a tool for early identification of individuals at risk of harm. Through identifying children and adults at risk of harm, your school can act, put in place interventions and better protect your community. Configuring your IT systems to detect forms of abuse and harm requires a planned and methodical approach, putting in place software and services to provide your safeguarding / child protection team with accurate data on which they can act. Following the 9ine firewall and filtering framework, your school can build these systems, do so securely and with confidence.

If you already have these systems, we can audit your configuration to ensure that the reports you are receiving are accurate and reflect your understanding of the safeguarding compass of your school.