Discover how our comprehensive toolkits can play a pivotal role in enhancing your school's safeguarding measures, offering valuable insights, guidance, and resources to empower your IT teams and safeguarding leads, ensuring a safer environment for every member of your school community.

Filtering, Monitoring & Firewall

A Toolkit to Improve Your Schools Safeguarding Measures

At 9ine, we understand that safeguarding isn't just a priority; it's a commitment to the well-being of every member of your school community. Our groundbreaking Safeguarding Systems Toolkit – an indispensable resource designed to empower your school's IT Team and safeguarding leads in a transformative journey towards enhanced student safety.

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Empower Your Safeguarding Ecosystem

  • Advanced Configuration Insights: Harness the power of your IT systems to detect early signs of potential harm to students. Our toolkit dives deep into your filtering, monitoring, and firewall systems, providing you with invaluable insights.

  • Data-Driven Evaluations: Leverage data-driven evaluations to identify gaps, configuration issues, and working practices that could impact your school's ability to promptly intervene and protect vulnerable users.

  • Bridging the Gap: Seamlessly bring together your Tech Team and safeguarding leads through the toolkit's implementation component. Unite efforts, evidence improvements, and foster a holistic approach to safeguarding.

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CIS International Safeguarding Toolkit

Empower Your Safeguarding Journey with CIS Toolkit

Welcome to a Revolutionary Era of Safeguarding Excellence – Unleash the Power of Progression. This developmental tool supports your school leaders and safeguarding teams to self-assess and strengthen your safeguarding and child protection systems, policies, and practices. Your school can also use this tool to create reviews for your boards and wider community on safeguarding matters.

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Fuel Your Safeguarding Efforts

  • Precision Self-Assessment: Dive into an intuitive online toolkit meticulously designed to benchmark your school's compliance with CIS Protocol's safeguarding expectations. Understand the spectrum of basic essentials to pioneering practices in safeguarding.

  • Guided Advancements: Unearth comprehensive guidance to enhance the strength of your safeguarding practices. Access a wealth of resources to enrich your knowledge and expertise, empowering you to lead with confidence.

  • Future-Focused Progression: Embark on an evolutionary journey of growth. Revisit the self-assessment at your pace, progressing through different stages and optimising your safeguarding strategy for lasting impact.

KCSIE 2023 Toolkit

Boost Safeguarding with 9ine Governance for KCSIE Compliance

Welcome to the Future of Safeguarding Excellence – Empower Your School's Commitment to Child Welfare

At 9ine, we understand the critical importance of keeping children safe within the education landscape. Introducing the groundbreaking 9ine Governance for KCSIE Compliance – an all-in-one solution designed to streamline safeguarding quality assurance and compliance management.

01. Governance – Projects All
01. Governance – Projects All

Unlocking Seamless Safeguarding Management

Experience a transformative approach to KCSIE compliance that goes beyond mere documentation. Evidencing compliance is just the beginning – centralise your safeguarding management, catalysing better outcomes for your school.

Hear it from the frontline – those who matter most. With testimonials like "it will save a million emails" from School Designated Safeguarding Officers and "it makes our trust improvement plan for safeguarding more robust"

Navigate Compliance

Navigating KCSIE Compliance with Precision

KCSIE mandates schools to ensure comprehensive mechanisms are in place to empower staff in promoting child welfare. 9ine Governance for KCSIE Compliance is tailor-made to support schools in fulfilling these legal obligations.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic cloud platform that unifies all safeguarding management and assurance activities. From documentation to implementation, empower your safeguarding ecosystem like never before.

Master the Challenges of Filtering and Monitoring Requirements

  • Enhanced Monitoring: With the 9ine Governance KCSIE Filtering and Monitoring Audit and Implementation Checklist for IT, embrace a streamlined solution to navigate the complexities of KCSIE 2023's enhanced filtering and monitoring requirements.

  • Collaborative Excellence: Bring together safeguarding stakeholders, IT teams, and leadership to achieve optimal outcomes for your school's online safety, early intervention, and protection from online risks.

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