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Build confidence in your privacy programme in partnership with 9ine’s global team of experts.

Trusted Support

Trusted Support

Governance and management of personal data in schools requires depth and experience of working in schools. Complexity is driven by a range of factors including new, emerging or developing privacy law, children’s rights (including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child / KCSIE), an understanding of safeguarding / child protection whilst balancing a child’s right to learn, develop, and explore, and the risks of data exploitation through over sharing or inadvertent sharing of personal data. Privacy is a balancing act and sometimes, a voice of experience can quickly help you along.

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Focused entirely on supporting schools

  • Working with schools globally, 9ine has an ingrained understanding of the legal obligations, considerations and challenges for embedding effective privacy programmes in schools.
  • With a privacy management framework developed specifically for schools, 9ine’s expertise provides you with a tried and tested guide to place, act and build your privacy programme.
  • Our in-house experts bring a wealth of knowledge, best practices and examples from every aspect of processing personal data in school, providing you with accessible support when you need it and with a breadth of understanding that is recognised by organisations, globally.
  • Many not-for-profit organisations representing schools choose to partner with 9ine in building capability and capacity in their member schools. At the last count, representing nearly 5000 schools, 2 million students and 120 countries.

Protecting school communities from data exploitation

The changing nature of technology in schools has caused an imbalance between the benefit of technology to support learning, and the potential for exploitation of children’s data at detriment to their rights of privacy, freedom of thought, and health. Added to this risk of cyber intrusion in schools leading to data exfiltration places schools in the cross hairs of harm.

Together, with the development and expansion of privacy laws around the world there is a need for a platform for schools to demonstrate compliance, evidence a risk based approach to privacy management, respond to security incidents such as cyber attack; whilst protecting children from harm and data exploitation. That platform is the 9ine Privacy Management App.

Auditing your  privacy programme

Auditing your
privacy programme

Auditing is an effective way to understand the gaps in current compliance and to create a plan for future compliance activities. Following the 9ine Privacy Audit framework, we provide you with an independent assessment of privacy compliance. The output is aligned to the 9ine Privacy Framework, providing you a structured roadmap to advance your privacy program.

Build internal capability and  capacity in your privacy  management programme

Build internal capability and capacity in your privacy management programme

Following 9ine’s modular data privacy framework, an expert consultant leads your team through the development and implementation of a privacy management programme. 9ine’s DPO Essentials subscription provides you with access to 9ine’s advisory support, training, template documentation, regular data protection meetings, auditing capabilities, annual cyber vulnerability penetration testing and service desk expertise to develop and advance your school’s Data Privacy Office.