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Achieve Data Privacy Confidence with 9ine's Expert Support

Trusted Support

Trusted Support

Ensuring the protection of student data is a top priority for schools, but with constantly evolving privacy laws and technology, it can be a daunting task. That's where 9ine comes in. Our team of global privacy experts has extensive experience in managing and safeguarding personal data in schools, so you can trust us to help you build a robust privacy program.

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Expertise Tailored for Schools

  • 9ine's deep understanding of privacy regulations and the unique challenges of schools sets us apart as a privacy partner for schools worldwide. 
  • With a proven privacy management framework designed specifically for schools, 9ine offers a practical guide to establish, implement, and strengthen your privacy program
  • Our team of in-house experts brings a wealth of knowledge, best practices, and real-world examples to every aspect of processing personal data in schools. You'll have access to our support and expertise, informed by our extensive work with schools across 120 countries and serving nearly 5,000 schools and 2 million students.
  • Many not-for-profit organisations representing schools trust 9ine to build privacy capability and capacity in their member schools. Join the growing community of schools who have chosen 9ine as their privacy partner.

Stay Ahead of Data Exploitation Risks

The integration of technology in education brings many benefits, but also poses potential threats to the privacy and safety of students. With growing concerns over cyber intrusion and exploitation of personal data, it's crucial for schools to stay ahead of these risks.

To meet the growing demands of privacy regulations and protect students, 9ine offers a comprehensive privacy management platform. The 9ine Privacy Management App helps schools demonstrate compliance, adopt a risk-based approach to privacy management, respond to security incidents, and safeguard children from harm and exploitation. Stay ahead of privacy challenges and keep your school community safe and secure with 9ine.

Auditing your  privacy programme

Auditing your
privacy programme

An effective way to understand the gaps in your current privacy compliance is through an audit. Our Privacy Audit framework provides you with an independent assessment of your privacy programme, giving you a structured roadmap to improve it.

Build internal capability and  capacity in your privacy  management programme

Build Internal Privacy Capabilities

With 9ine's modular data privacy framework, a consultant will guide your team in developing and implementing a privacy management program. Our DPO Essentials subscription provides access to training, template documents, regular data protection meetings, auditing capabilities, and more, so you can establish and enhance your school's Data Privacy Office.