Risk Management

Elevate your school's risk management with the innovative Schools Risk Framework, tailored to your unique needs, and achieve evidence-based decision-making. Experience unmatched value and actionable insights for operational excellence.

Welcome to the Schools Risk Framework

Your Ultimate Risk Management Solution

Unveil a new era in risk management with the revolutionary Schools Risk Framework, developed in collaboration with schools. Elevate your school's operational excellence and decision-making through robust identification, assessment, management, and mitigation of risks.

Risk Management

Unmatched Value, Proven Excellence

  • 360-Degree Risk Management: Seamlessly transition from traditional spreadsheet risk assessment to comprehensive risk management using the 9ine Governance platform.

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Customise our 160+ template risks across fifteen comprehensive risk categories to align with your school's unique context and requirements.
  • Actionable Insights: Empower school leaders to drive strategic decisions through evidence-based evaluation, ensuring risks are effectively managed and reported.

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Bird’s Eye View

Mastering the Risk Framework

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Experience the power of a central dashboard showcasing risk categories, owners, members, tasks, and more at a glance.

  • Template Risks: Dive into over fifteen risk categories, including Governance, Legal Compliance, Finance, Academics, Human Resources, Safeguarding and more.

  • Tailored Ownership: Assign risk ownership and member roles to align the framework with your school's organisational structure.

  • Automated Alerts: Set review dates for risks, and receive email alerts to ensure timely risk management.

  • Integrated Checklist: Define and manage risk control tasks, processes, and policies effortlessly.

  • Effortless Task Management: Associate tasks with risks, assign owners, and monitor progress seamlessly.

  • Insightful Reporting: Gain actionable insights into risk management performance and lessons learned.

Enhance Your School's Cyber Resilience with Our Quick Self-Audit Cyber Risk Assessment

Your Gateway to a More Secure Future

At 9ine, we've taken a quantum leap in cyber risk assessment, fueled by data from hundreds of schools. We present to you our exclusive 11-point Cyber Risk Assessment – a powerful tool designed to empower your IT Team in evaluating your school's vulnerability to the most prevalent cyber risks.


Transformative Insights, Empowered Defences

  • Comprehensive Cyber Analysis: Leverage our vast experience and meticulous analysis to uncover the precise cyber risks that put your school at greatest vulnerability.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Gain instant access to targeted insights, allowing your leadership to prioritise and fortify your defences where they matter most.

  • Evidence-Based Approach: Utilise a data-driven assessment that provides an accurate snapshot of your school's cyber readiness and identifies potential weak points.

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Risk Identification

Navigating the Assessment

  • 11-Point Precision: Dive into a concise yet comprehensive assessment, covering 11 key areas where vulnerabilities often lurk.

  • Proactive Vulnerability Insights: Discover potential threats, from user identity management to network security and beyond.

  • Targeted Attention: Focus your resources where they matter most, mitigating risks and bolstering your cybersecurity strategy.

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