Protecting the Rights of Children

9ine’s Privacy App offers the ability to maintain detailed processing records that bring to the surface the privacy risks that pose a fundamental threat to the school community, making it easier for the school to implement pertinent mitigating measures.

A tried and tested methodology provides your school with the tools and resources to place the best interests of children at the heart of your
Privacy Programme Management.

The 9ine Data Privacy Framework

Using the 9ine Data Privacy Framework, privacy leaders in schools are empowered to navigate the complexity of privacy laws and regulations to embed it within their culture. They can understand other data subjects associated with your school.

  • Understand requirements quickly
  • Plan and prioritise intelligently
  • Act rapidly
  • Measure and deliver ongoing results


Records of Processing-1
Records of Processing-1

Records of Processing

Meet the legal requirements of the GDPR and other data protection laws for a comprehensive records of processing. Easily map end-to-end processes to initiate and evaluate processing risk along a guided workflow. Link and map relationships between business processes, countries, and vendors to understand how information flows through your school. Analyse risks of processing to determine the need for DPIAs / PIAs.

Records of Processing  Activities-1
Records of Processing  Activities-1

Records of Processing

Jumpstart your data protection programme by deploying over 150 built-in template examples of records of processing, specifically built for schools by 9ine’s compliance research team.



Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) to identify, analyse and mitigate data protection risks to data subjects. Follow a structured and easy to use workflow to document and manage assessments and identified risks.

  • Processing Description
  • Information Rights Risk
  • Security of Processing
  • Processing Risk Summary
  • Review & Approval
  • Risk Log
Child Rights  Impact Assessment-1

Child Rights
Impact Assessment

Built-in Child Rights Impact Assessments ensure risks associated with safeguarding, profiling and automated decision making are considered before any new EdTech systems, software and platforms are used.

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