9ine's Education Privacy Management Programme

An unfamiliar term to many, the Privacy Management Programme (PMP). But not to the team at 9ine. Many countries require a PMP including the UK, Singapore, Canada and Japan. Such was the need for 9ine to support schools with a PMP that we developed our own, structured into nine areas.

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Leading Your PMP

Knowing what to do for your privacy programme and when, can be daunting. With 9ine's PMP you have a tried and tested methodology that includes tasks, templates, and timescales to build your privacy programme. The PMP is delivered through 9ine’s Privacy App which includes comprehensive privacy tools and features. Our technology not only allows management of privacy, but also for capturing other risks that require management such as safeguarding and technology.

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Know what to do, and when

Know what to do and when

With the PMP broken into nine modules of work, you sequentially complete tasks and do so the knowledge of how long each one will take. Holisitically, reviewing each task in each module gives you the understanding of the scope breadth and depth of a school PMP. With this knowledge you can have an informed discussion on the resources (people, money, time) to efficiently manage privacy compliance.

Secure access rights

Information and cyber security

Our PMP enables school leadership to understand the relationship between privacy and information / cyber security. With a specific security module, school leadership can issue IT with pre-determined tasks that require IT to demonstrate the measures in place to technically protect personal data.

Operations process  improvement

Privacy and child safeguarding

Processing of personal data in a school can generate safeguarding risks of harm, that if not managed can be damaging to children. The technology driving 9ine's PMP enables schools to identify, evaluate and manage safeguarding risks of harm from the use of technology and sharing of data to third parties.


School specific resources

Operationalising a PMP in your school requires more than just completing tasks. You need to embed policies, processes and procedures within your school, ensuring they link to or replace those that are existing. Each PMP module includes specific resources, including training materials enabling you to quickly and efficiently embed into your school. Together with defined tasks they collectively provide clarity and direction to your PMP.

Empower your team

Collaborate and report

A PMP requires collaboration between departments, functions and colleagues. Each task allows you to invite people from across the school to collaborate and evidence completion. Each task is reported on, enabling school leadership, the governing body or the school board to monitor progress in real time. They can also see the current risks facing the school, understanding the severity and impact, therefore being informed on what action is needed to reduce identified risks.