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Unlocking embedded value is a challenge that many schools face. With technology and compliance this can seem even more of a struggle given the limited understanding of terminology, architecture and quality metrics to know what ‘good’ looks like.

Strategic leadership at 9ine removes the barriers of understanding, tackles problems in a pragmatic but structured method and ensures outcomes are focussed on being workable, usable and secure.

Global experience supporting government funded, Independent and International Schools.

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Problem solving in technology

Problem solving in technology

In some schools, technology never seems to work. Investment is made, but no one seems to understand why teachers have problems teaching with it and support staff are constrained by it. Is it the technology, or is it the people? What needs to change to just make it work, be friendly and secure?

Our experts follow a troubleshooting framework to determine where the problem exists, and what to do about it. Options are presented in the form of changes to technology, changes to people, or changes to organisational processes and procedures. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll understand the problem, what needs to be done about it and how difficult it is to solve.

If you need help implementing the changes, we’re here to support you.

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Problem solving in  privacy compliance

Problem solving in
privacy compliance

The foundation of compliance is understanding. Facing organisational questions like ‘What is the minimum we need to do to be compliant?’ In answering the question the school is faced with differing opinions, differing levels of understanding and often, using the wrong assumptions to understand what compliance means. Schools can get bogged down in dealing with the transactional nature of compliance, whilst missing the key themes, trends and risks that actually matter. This often ends in a downward spiral of despair and an area where few people want to venture.

Our experts follow a strategic framework to understand your objectives, understand your strategic drivers and develop a compliance programme that is achievable, afforded, and supported. The outcome for you is a reduction in time, complexity and resource for compliance. You’ll have a framework to identify and manage your compliance risk, looking forward, rather than down in your outlook.

Problem solving in procurement

Problem solving in procurement

After people and buildings, technology is likely to be the third largest area of discretionary spend in a school. There is often a lack of visibility on where the cost goes and questions are raised on the benefit of the technology budget makes to learning. The types of technology used for network infrastructure, systems management, cloud and device can all have a significant impact on cost. Not only in management and replacement, but in the skills required to maintain. What should be the true cost of technology in your school and are you paying too much or not enough?

Our experts can support your school in this. Whether it be managing the procurement of new equipment or services, to benchmarking the actual technology costs for a school of your size. We provide the analysis and recommendations so you can be in control of your spend, ensuring the budget you have is invested in the right place.

Problem solving in project and programme management

Problem solving in project and programme management

Projects are a way of life in schools. Most summer breaks, when the staff and students leave, business services such as IT and compliance are working hard to deliver projects and programmes. In some cases, with new school extensions or building programmes, these projects are delivered over many years. Following PRINCE2 and MSP methodologies, our experts can support you in structuring your approach to delivering projects, working up the scope, developing plans, identifying risks, determining budgets and defining the controls required to manage progression.

The 9ine team have worked on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world, such as Terminal 5 in the UK, and continue to support the construction of some of the largest schools, globally. Whether it’s the upgrade of a school network or the integration of technology into a new school building, our experts have the tools, resources and expertise to support.