Recognised globally for our expertise, 9ine enables not-for-profit and for profit organisations to build capability and capacity in privacy, cyber, technology and safeguarding for their members and clients. Every partner has their own support framework and tailored resources to advance their mission and objectives.

Thinking of becoming a  partner of 9ine

Thinking of becoming a
partner of 9ine?

Governance and management of personal data in schools requires depth and experience of working in schools. Complexity is driven by a range of factors including new, emerging or developing privacy law, children’s rights (including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child / KCSIE), an understanding of safeguarding / child protection whilst balancing a child’s right to learn, develop, and explore, and the risks of data exploitation through over sharing or inadvertent sharing of personal data.

Privacy is a balancing act and sometimes, a voice of experience can quickly help you along.

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