Technology & Cyber Security

Ensure seamless operations and enhanced security with the right technology solutions for your school.


Affordable Expertise

Many schools are aware of the rising information security risks but struggle to manage them due to limited resources and budget constraints. With a need for specialised services tailored to their unique security needs, schools require access to knowledgeable experts in the field. 9ine offers affordable, specialised education cyber services to help schools address their information security risks in a way that aligns with their resources and priorities.

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Understanding your schools  vulnerability to a successful  cyber attack

Cyber Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Tests

With the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, it's essential for schools to understand their vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to secure their networks. 9ine offers comprehensive Cyber Vulnerability and Penetration Testing services, utilising our proprietary education vulnerability framework to evaluate the school's defenses against cyber attacks. Our team of experts conducts a thorough examination of the school's systems, identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities to give you a clear picture of the school's risk profile. Our detailed report provides a prioritised list of recommended actions and next steps to improve the security of your school's IT infrastructure.

Security Audit and  Security Hardening

Comprehensive Security
Audit & Hardening

Ensure the safety and protection of your school's valuable data with our comprehensive security audit and hardening services. Our team performs a rigorous 1000-point check to evaluate the security and configuration of your school's IT systems against the globally recognised best practices outlined in the NCSC 10 Steps to Cyber Security and ISO 270001. We thoroughly analyse and identify any potential vulnerabilities that could lead to data loss, modification, or theft, and provide a prioritised list of recommendations to enhance the security of your school. Trust 9ine to help secure your school's information and technology assets.

Build internal capability and  capacity to harden your  cyber security defences

Enhance Your School's Cybersecurity Defenses with
9ine's Proactive Approach

Leveraging a modular security framework, 9ine guides your team through a comprehensive hardening program to fortify your school's cybersecurity defenses. Our Security & Systems Essentials subscription offers a transparent and clear path to improve both IT performance and school operations, while keeping pace with evolving cybersecurity threats. Experience peace of mind with regular evaluations, audits, and testing.