Why Data Privacy is Important for your School in California

The global Data Protection landscape can be overwhelming, especially when you have federal, state, and common laws to deal with. This video gives you a basic understanding of Data Protection and explains why it is important for schools in California.



Introduction to Data Protection

In this video, we will cover the following topics, with a special focus on schools in California

  • What is Data Privacy?
  • What is meant by "personally identifiable information"?
  • Why is this relevant for your school?
  • What are the key risks and challenges?
  • How can your school better protect your data and comply with legal requirements?


Learn More

9ine Resources

Data Protection Toolkit | Consultancy Advice | 9ine App  

To help schools meet expectations and obligations, 9ine also provides services that will help you achieve, demonstrate and maintain data protection compliance. This includes a data protection toolkit with a range of templates and forms and consultancy advice. 

9ine supports school's with our education specific, data protection frameworks, delivered via our modular toolkits. These toolkits will guide your school through a journey of compliance progression, including best practice resources, policies, and templates.

If you would like to download our toolkit, or speak directly with one of our consultants to understand how 9ine could assist you, feel free to get in touch via support@9ine.com