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Our Services

Our Services

9ine provides schools with the tools to create secure and efficient IT systems, all while considering privacy and safeguarding considerations. Trust us to help you make informed decisions, enhance your school's operations, and ensure a safe and secure learning environment. 

Choose 9ine and embrace the full potential of technology in education with confidence!


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Unlocking the true value of technology

  • Connect your IT strategy with your school's business objectives and align technology with your goals.
  • Streamline costs, transform operations, and achieve long-term success through informed technology investments.
  • Embed a sustained effort to reduce cyber risks through a comprehensive approach to systems security, vulnerability assessments, incident management, disaster recovery planning, employee behavior, and third-party risk management.
  • Decouple from legacy IT infrastructure, allowing for greater organisational development and a focus on school outcomes.
  • Identify, respond to, and manage cyber, privacy and safeguarding risks, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all.
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Navigate Privacy, Technology, and Safeguarding Risks with Ease

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Protecting school communities  from data exploitation

Safe & Secure Technology for Your School

Technology in schools has the potential to both enhance learning and put children's privacy, rights, and wellbeing at risk. With the growing threat of cyber intrusion and data exploitation, it's more important than ever for schools to take a proactive approach to privacy and security management.

At 9ine, we provide a comprehensive platform to help schools demonstrate compliance with privacy laws and ensure the safe management of their learners' data. Our technology enables schools to effectively control their data footprint, respond to security incidents, and protect their communities from harm.

Choose 9ine for a safe and secure technology solution, and safeguard the privacy and wellbeing of your school community

Explore 9ine's Governance Solutions

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Risk Management

Experience unparalleled risk management and cyber resilience with the Schools Risk Framework and 11-point Cyber Risk Assessment by 9ine.



Unlock the potential of your school's safeguarding with 9ine's Safeguarding Toolkits and achieve KCSIE compliance through 9ine Governance.


Statutory Regulation

Navigate Academy Trust Handbook compliance with 9ine Governance, and fortify school safeguarding using 9ine Governance for KCSIE Compliance.


Inspection & Accreditation

Streamline accreditation excellence with 9ine Governance toolkits for ISI Inspection, BSO Accreditation, and ICAISA accreditation management.

What People Say About Us


"I'm so impressed with 9ine, from the free Q&As to the CIS workshop to the attention your team gives to understanding exactly what it is like to support digital safeguarding at international schools. We are a very niche industry with specific needs, and you are meeting many of them with empathy and a commitment to child safety. I can only say thank you..."

Bekka Shadoan
Australian International School Phnom Penh (AISPP), IT Manager


“I first met Mark Orchison at an ISBA Conference about 6 years ago and his knowledge of independent schools and technology stuck with me. Several years later when we wished to evaluate where we were with IT staffing, infrastructure and planning, he seemed an obvious person to turn to”

Catriona Thompson
Kingham Hill School, Bursar

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“It has been a true pleasure working with 9ine over the past year. We engaged them in an ongoing contract to continue to provide security auditing services, and our IT vendor has also appreciated the extra set of eyes on their work.”

Mitch Mitchell
San Francisco Waldorf School, Advancement Director

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“9ine was strongly recommended by other schools in the region who already had a business relationship with 9ine.”

Mike Kewelar
German European School Singapore, Director of Technology

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"Andrew Cheung is like the Siri of Data Protection, you can ask him anything and he knows the answer and comes back to you almost instantaneously"

Rolly Maiquez
VERSO International School, acting DPO/I.T & Technology Director

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“They felt like an extension of our IT support team for the time they were with us and were never judgemental on the approach we take with our systems and security. I’d have no concerns about recommending them (and using their services) again in the future.”

Mike Ward
Dean Trust, Head of IT

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