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Go Phish! (previously Cyber Risk) Workshop Card Game - How to Play

Play With School Leadership!

Play our Cyber Risk Card Game with your leadership team to raise awareness of cyber security and determine your organisation's risks to common forms of attack. Designed for both technical and non-technical staff members, Cyber Risk aims to baseline overall understanding of the importance of cyber security whilst encouraging a whole-school approach to your defence - cyber security is not just an IT problem!

Watch the video to learn how to play each of the 3 workshop activities!


9ine_Cyber Risk_Workshop Card Game_How to Play_v0.2



A Breach Too Far (previously Data Breach) Workshop Card Game - How to Play

Play With School Leadership!

Play our Data Breach card game with your data protection and leadership teams to better understand how you can investigate and manage ANY personal data breach that may come your way. Designed for any staff members that may have to handle a data breach, our Data Breach Card game aims to walk you through how to investigate and assess a potential data breach in a number of different scenarios. You can also use it to develop understanding through all levels of your organisation - teaching all staff what constitutes a data breach, what increases the impact of a data breach and what they need to do in the event of a data breach!

Watch the video to learn how to play!


9ine_Data Breach Workshop Card Game_How to Play_POST


9ine's A Breach too far (previously Data Breach) Card Game Worksheets

Download our printable instructions, scenarios and worksheet. To request the Cards talk to us.
Download Instructions
Download Scenarios
Download Worksheet

9ine's Go Phish! (previously Cyber Risk) Card Game Worksheets


Download our Printable Worksheets for Workshops; 1A, 1B and 2.

To request the Cards talk to us.

Download instructions

Download Worksheets


9ine's Top 5 Phishing Tips

To keep you safe


Download our easy to follow poster and share it with your colleagues to help reduce your susceptibility to phishing attacks.



Phishing Document_Top 5 Tips_V0.1