Security & Systems Essentials

Actively manage your school's cyber security risks with confidence.

Protect Your School's Future with 9ine's Security and Systems Essentials.

9ine’s Security and Systems Essentials subscription provides you with a yearly plan for identifying, reviewing and actively managing risks associated with the security, configuration and operational performance of your systems. 

Benefit from cyber security training resources, best practice standards and documentation, incident and breach management tools, and ongoing assurance of IT projects to support continuous improvement to security and technology within the school.

With Security and Systems Essentials, 9ine provides school leaders with the confidence to actively manage your cyber security risks and protect your staff, students and parents. 

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9ine has been very valuable in raising awareness of security gaps in our ICT infrastructure and we are on our way to get these issues addressed and solved.
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5 Top Benefits of 9ine's Trusted Security & Systems Essentials Service
9ine's Security and Systems Essentials subscription assists schools to improve the security, service continuity and best practice technical configuration of systems. Benchmark your school's progress towards the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Cyber Essentials certification and evidence compliance with best practice data protection and associated cyber security standards. 


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Thanks for creating user friendly modules that breakdown the mass of information into more manageable bites.
Leysin American School In Switzerland
A Modular Approach to IT Compliance


9ine’s modular approach is a change management framework designed to develop a culture of security in your school. Following our programme of cloud-based modules will help break down the complexity of cyber security by providing you with the tasks required to demonstrate best practice. Through the modules, you will be introduced to resources, tools, policies, templates and more to help you stay on track, and on time!

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Subscription Features

Security and Systems Essentials 
Best practice documentation and standards for managing technology within the school.
Annual comprehensive Security & Systems Assessment. 
Annual Security and Systems Assessment Report for your board outlining your school’s risk level.
Implementation of an incident & breach management framework.
Proactive termly review calls for your school’s risks, operational effectiveness & progression.
Checklist for assurance and management of IT projects.
An allowance of remote consultancy time to support the ongoing improvement of security capabilities.

Year 1 - 20hrs
Year 2 - 20hrs
Year 3 - 20hrs



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