Why Data Protection is Important for your School in Qatar

There are multiple laws in Qatar that deal with data protection. The most notable of which, the Protection of Personal Data Privacy Law, took effect in 2017. Regulations further implementing this law are expected to be passed in 2021, so it is important that you understand what data protection means for your school.


An Introduction to Data Protection

With a special focus on schools in Qatar, we will cover the following topics in this video.

  • What is Data Protection?
  • The Data Protection Landscape?
  • Data Protection in Qatar?
  • What should you do and how can the 9ine App help?

9ine Resources

9ine App | Data Protection Toolkit | Consultancy Advice   

The 9ine App equips schools with powerful tools and automated intelligence enabling you to excel in the management of risk and compliance and helping to protect your school.

9ine supports school's with our education specific, data protection frameworks, delivered via our modular toolkits. These toolkits will guide your school through a journey of compliance progression, including best practice resources, policies, and templates.

If you would like to download our toolkit, or speak directly with one of our consultants to understand how 9ine could assist you, feel free to get in touch via support@9ine.com

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