Indonesia and the Protection of Private Personal Data Law


Indonesia is currently making great strides to draft the Bill on the Protection of Private Personal Data, a data privacy law that’s based on and inspired by provisions from EU law. If passed, it’ll be the first comprehensive law for data privacy in the country.

Regulations in the draft focus on written consent, data breach notifications, data deletion, direct marketing and more. With many aspects of the Bill sharing similarities with the GDPR, its obligations will apply to all institutions including schools in Indonesia.

With a wide range of enforcement measures, the Bill makes for administrative fines and compensation in case of non-compliance.
Our training video will help you understand what Data Protection is, why it’s relevant for your school and the risks and challenges in compliance.

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Introduction to Data Protection

In this video, we will cover the following topics, with a special focus on schools in Singapore

  • What is Data Protection?
  • What is meant by "personal data"?
  • The data protection landscape
  • Why is this relevant for our school?
  • What are the key risks and challenges in practice?

9ine's Resources

Data Protection Toolkit: 

To help schools meet expectations and obligations, 9ine also provides services that will help you achieve, demonstrate and maintain data protection compliance. This includes a data protection toolkit with a range of templates, forms and consultancy advice. Read more...



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9ine Consultancy Services:

Bespoke consultancy services to help schools operationalize compliance and enhance data protection programs by providing employee training, service provider due diligence and maintaining records of processing to demonstrate accountability. Read more...

The 9ine App

A powerful App designed to transform the way you manage data protection, cyber security, and IT strategic management.

Developed for schools required to meet a ‘principles’ based data protection law, the 9ine App is a low-cost, resource and feature rich platform to manage data protection governance and compliance. With a task management tool to provide you with real-time updates on upcoming tasks, the App helps you manage data & cyber incidents to identify reportable breaches. Our intuitive dashboard provides you with actionable insights and data to evaluate risks in your institution. Our end-to-end Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution equips schools with powerful tools to automate GRC processes in educational institutions.


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It's not just our resources; our data protection audit, policies and procedures framework and assessment and mapping tool, that make us the number one choice for the education sector. There are plenty of other reasons why great schools choose to have 9ine on their side!


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