9 things your School can achieve today by using the 9ine GRC App

9ine’s GRC App has been created with educational organisations at the heart of its design, providing your school with access to an affordable, intelligent, and evidence-based compliance platform.

The 9ine App is the ideal platform whether you are at the start of your data privacy & protection journey, or run an established program looking for increased efficiencies and additional intelligence to be delivered.


1.Dynamic and Transparent Records of processing framework.

Get a full picture of how data flows across your school, and records your school’s inventory of processing activities, with our step by step guided frameworks. A responsive process that will significantly reduce the time required to build complex data mapping within your school.

2.Foster your data privacy culture

Your entire school on one subscription! Yes, you can onboard unlimited users, so the entire team responsible for compliance and maintaining data compliance can contribute towards GDPR compliance objectives. The collaborative design enables shared responsibility and accountability across departments.


3. Training and Upskilling

We have created 100s of training videos on various topics in the App which can be used to train and upskill your team on various important topics. The App also brings you the latest news and analysis on changes in laws and regulations, new technologies and threats, and updates in the education sector regionally and globally.


3. Save up to 250 hours of your time!

You can save up to 250 hours by generating automated task lists and required assessments (DPIA and LIA). This will empower you to quickly understand and assign the mitigating action required. Our modular toolkit provides an intelligent, automated platform that allows you to undertake predetermined tasks utilising pre-populated fields, thereby avoiding human error and increasing efficiency.

4.Real-time information and notifications

Our data protection experts and consultants host regular workshops and webinars around various topics throughout the year, which will keep your teams up to date with the latest and greatest in data protection and GDPR compliance.


5. Manage Cyber Risks and Incidents with Confidence

The platform allows you to manage cyber risk and in the event of an incident provides clear actions for disaster recovery and business continuity. 9ine’s GRC provides you with a common risk framework for providing risk and compliance across your school and addresses concerns about how technology is being operated

6. Understand and communicate risk to stakeholders.

The 9ine App has intuitive dashboards that can demonstrate the risk consideration of incidents, and communicate the same with your board and senior leadership.


7. Fail-proof compliance work through responsive and automated frameworks.

The 9ine App has been intelligently designed to support your compliance program. Your data can be used to analyse the next steps of action. For instance - it can analyse and indicate when a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is required or refer back to records of processing if it is carried out within the app. This reduces human error and ensures compliance is both efficient and error-free.

8. Strategy Planning and Execution on one Platform.

Forecast the projects that you’ll be working on for the academic year and manage your team’s deliverables.
The 9ine app tool brings together the checks and balances so you can measure the efficacy of your team and provides you with an active risk management dashboard, suitable for board-level reporting, demonstrating where the risks lie in your IT systems and the mitigating actions.

9. Best-in-class team

Our team of in-house, multi-disciplinary, and specialist consultants works with clients across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle-East, Americas, India, and Russia.

Over the past 10 years, 9ine have delivered market-leading consultancy services, solved challenging problems, and have experience managing large-scale IT systems in schools.

This combination of human experience and expertise makes 9ine the 'go-to' team who understands what information schools process, through what systems, where the problems are, and how to solve them.


For a deep dive into how the 9ine App can simplify Data Privacy and GDPR compliance in your school.

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Ameya Gondhalekar is the Head of Marketing at 9ine Consulting. He loves understanding and solving our customer's challenges through our marketing programs.

You can reach him at ameya.gondhalekar@9ine.com


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