9ine Consulting welcomes MARIO Education to the Certified Vendor Programme

The well-being of students in today’s digital-native world is inextricably linked to robust safeguarding and cybersecurity measures. Effective management of these aspects ensures that educational institutions can provide safe and secure environments for learning.  It’s for this reason that 9ine is delighted to welcome MARIO Education, an international edtech company dedicated to improving student well-being and performance, to its Certified Vendor Programme. This recognition underscores MARIO Education’s commitment to safeguarding personal data in an evolving digital landscape.

The 9ine Certified Vendor Programme acknowledges educational software providers that uphold high standards in data privacy, safeguarding, and cyber security management. 

MARIO Education is one of the very first leading Edtech companies to be certified by 9ine and demonstrates its commitment to:

  • Collaborate closely with partner schools, ensuring robust implementation of data safeguarding practices and strong privacy and security of data.
  • Offer a carefully designed platform to deliver all teachers with the tools they need to remove barriers to learning and proactively intervene. 
  • Managing personal data in compliance with GDPR and other international privacy laws, while proactively mitigating compliance gaps and risks.

9ine’s CEO & Founder, Mark Orchison says "I am delighted to welcome MARIO Education to our Certified Vendor Programme. As a beacon of innovation, MARIO Education's commitment to one-to-one learning and student-centred approaches sets a new benchmark in education. Their dedication to empowering students, giving them a voice, and upskilling staff with personalised support tools is truly transformative. We are excited to collaborate with MARIO Education to enhance data privacy and security in educational environments.

9ine aims to ensure that educational institutions - worldwide - can invest in Edtech tools
safely in the knowledge that they meet the highest standards of data privacy and
protection compliance.”

Philip Bowman, Co-founder & CEO of MARIO Education says “We are happy to partner with 9ine. This collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring that all students are safe, ready to learn, and thriving. By joining forces with 9ine, we further enhance our focus on maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and cyber security, providing a secure and supportive environment for students to excel,"

For more information, visit the MARIO Education’s dedicated partnership page

About 9ine Consulting:

9ine stands as the global leader in tackling schools' cyber, technology, safeguarding, and
compliance challenges. Working with over 300 schools worldwide, and in collaboration
with prestigious representative bodies such as CIS, 9ine is a proven leader in supporting
schools to overcome their complex challenges in these critical areas.

About MARIO Education

MARIO Education is a K-12 ed-tech company that provides schools with the ability to ensure all students are safe, ready-to-learn, and thriving. We empower school leaders to identify and remove barriers to learning through our proprietary software, our innovative approach to one-to-one learning conversations, and our world-class professional development library. Schools that employ MARIO can do so across multiple contexts and with diverse priorities: as a personalised advisory solution, as a key school safety and counselling tool, and as a high-impact, evidence-based intervention.


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