9 ways we helped schools overcome critical challenges in 2020

2020 was a year of disruption and unprecedented challenges, we are proud that we could support so many schools as part of the 9ine family of clients. Here are some of the ways we helped schools with business continuity. 

  1. Enabled Remote Operations
    Stepped in to keep the distance learning programme running, due to the Covid-19 pandemic when a school’s senior I.T staff were unavailable.
  2. Subject Access Requests
    Individuals have the right to access and receive a copy of their personal data, and other supplementary information which is called as Subject Access Request (SAR). We resolved a subject access request which required an analysis of over 30,000 data points.
  3. Schrems II - The Privacy Shield was invalidated with immediate effect on the 16 July 2020, the day of Schrems II judgement. The 9ine team advised and supported 83 schools following the Schrems II decision.
  4. Kick-started their Data privacy journey - Our teams closely worked  with over 50 schools’  and launched their data privacy programme, supported by our new 9ine App.
  5. Help Recover from Cyber Attack
    2020 was a year when schools came under heavy attack from cybercriminals globally. Teams at 9ine Consulting delivered a school back to normal operations after a critical malware attack within 2 weeks of first contacting us. We also maintained another school's operational status during a malware attack with minimal impact, via their security & systems service with 9ine.
  6. IT Management and Procurement
    Working closely with the school management, 9ine's team successfully orchestrated the procurement of a new managed service provider for one of the largest schools in the UK.
  7. Project Management
    We successfully managed the transition of a new international school build, whilst supporting the project remotely amidst the pandemic induced lockdown.
  8. Resolved Vulnerabilities
    Our teams assisted schools in closing over 30 security loopholes following our European Cyber Month awareness campaign.
  9. Spread Awareness
    We summarised the findings of all our Cyber Vulnerabilities to present a consolidated study to over 60 schools with the common vulnerabilities, loopholes and best practices to mitigate cyberattacks.

9ine provide free, virtual leadership training in the area of data privacy and protection in education, and have been designed to educate teams about their data privacy & protection responsibilities, and understand the relevant changes in global and local data protection law.

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Ameya Gondhalekar is the Head of Marketing at 9ine Consulting. He loves understanding and solving our customer's challenges through our marketing programs.

You can reach him at ameya.gondhalekar@9ine.com


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