The Japan Council of International Schools (JCIS) partners with 9ine

The Japan Council of International Schools (JCIS) partners with 9ine to support schools with maintaining the highest levels of data protection, cybersecurity and child-protection standards.

LONDON - March 10th 2021
- We are proud to announce today a JCIS and 9ine partnership to provide a range of free-to-access services for JCIS member schools which are supportive of the aims of data protection, cybersecurity and child protection. Through regular events and curated resources that are considerate of Japanese legal requirements and collaboration, all JCIS member schools may benefit from 9ine’s local expertise.

“Working collaboratively with school associations enhances value for money for schools, and with these complex topics, builds shared resources, capability and capacity for schools to support each other”, said Mark Orchison, Founder and CEO at 9ine. “This partnership provides JCIS member schools with support and leadership that removes the friction from having to understand complex topics, arming them with tools to better protect their schools”.

We needed a partner who takes the time to understand the makeup of our membership and challenges our schools have. In 9ine we identified an organisation who will provide support and resources that will give our member schools the tools they need to better protect their community”, said Matt Parr, President of JCIS. “The JCIS community has always collaborated closely, and Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of this strength as a group. The partnership with 9ine takes this a step further, as we collectively build defences against cyber security threats and create expertise in data privacy.”

This partnership provides member schools of JCIS access to expertise, resources and training programmes. Over the coming years the partnership will develop to include expertise and resources for safeguarding and child protection.

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