Safeguarding Systems Implementation

Implement intelligence into your IT infrastructure that provides data and alerts, supporting early intervention for children and other users at risk of safeguarding related harm.

Have confidence your IT infrastructure is properly configured to protect children and other users from risk of safeguarding related harm

Bird’s Eye View

9ine’s Safeguarding Systems Implementation programme enables schools to effectively understand, evaluate and implement the necessary technical and operational controls to manage online risks of harm. This includes areas such as discrmination, drugs / substance abuse, extremism, gambling, images of abuse, porngraphy, privacy & copyright theft, self-harm and violence. The output supports evidencing compliance with statutory regulation such as Keeping Children Safe in Education, accreditation such as the CIS International Protocol, and local and international child protection laws.

  • Implement differentiated filtering for different grades, year groups and user types
  • Create a documented record of the security and configuration of your filtering and monitoring systems for future reference and audit
  • Empower your designated safeguarding / child protection lead with the knowledge and tools they need to make age appropriate decisions for internet access and use
  • Provide accurate intelligence to safeguarding / child protection leads on children and other users who are at risk of harm
  • Gain evidence based confidence that the systems you have implemented to monitor risks of harm are actually configured and working properly
  • Secure the network perimeter of the school correctly through robust configuration of the firewall and associated services
Safeguarding Systems Implementation - 2nd graphic@2x

Align safeguarding objectives with technical competence and capability

A fundamental problem in schools is linking safeguarding objectives to the technical realities of filtering and monitoring solutions. More often than not, the systems are not in place, or not configured appropriately. Add to the mix that IT staff often manage them, with safeguarding / child protection teams kept at a distance, meaning a comprehensive data set is not being used, or being used badly to identify risks of safeguarding harm. Aligning safeguarding / child protection teams with IT, and following a set programme of work, bridges that divide, providing confidence to school leaders in the early identification of safeguarding risks of harm in their organisation.

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Evaluating the right systems for your school, based on your unique circumstances

There are many solutions for firewall, filtering and monitoring. Some are designed for corporate settings, with education as an afterthought; and others specifically designed for education. Some are cloud based, others on-premise. Each has its own set of benefits and weaknesses. In following 9ine’s Safeguarding Systems Programme your school can evaluate the effectiveness of its current systems, make improvements where there are gaps, and identify other systems or platforms for the gaps that aren’t manageable with your current set-up.

One Team

Evidence effective operational management of technology related safeguarding risks of harm

Coordinated action between safeguarding / child protection teams, senior leaders and IT can have a significant impact in the process of developing safer school communities. In following 9ine’s Safeguarding Systems Programme schools will tangibly experience and be able to evidence how they are making their community safer.