Network Security

Empowering your tech team with knowledge and expertise to improve the cyber resilience of your IT systems and services.

Solid network security is the fundamental foundation in hardening your organisation from cyber security threats. With strong network security you can protect your data and information and ensure reliable access and network performance.

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9ine’s Network Security suite provides tech teams with a comprehensive programme of work and supporting resources, to audit, configure and upgrade network security giving confidence in their cyber protection and performance of network systems.

  • Allocate security configuration based on the device type and risks they pose to the school
  • Reduce the likelihood of a cyber actor being able to navigate through the network and target other assets and uses
  • Evidence, through documentation and configuration, the security defences at a network level
  • Automate authentication for devices onto the network, providing confidence that unauthenticated devices cannot see or access network services
  • Prevent unauthorised devices from accessing network, systems and data
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Confidence to school leadership

Scope, manage, control and provide assurance to the network security of the school to leadership and the board / governing body. Identify, track and report on network security risks that issues, that if left, pose a cyber security vulnerability to data and systems

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Disable cyber vulnerabilities in your switching and wireless network

Evidence to insurers, regulators, accreditors and auditors the tasks which have been completed to mitigate network security threats.

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Invest in technical professional development for your IT Team

Following a step-by-step implementation programme to audit and harden the school network and wireless systems, your IT team will learn to implement networking configurations such as Access Control Lists and Port Level Authentication. Professional development through experience!