Evolving Incident Management in Education. 

Empowering schools with a dependable, self-governed framework to proactively manage incidents.

Incident management empowers you with a visual representation of risk, making it exponentially quicker for you to understand who is impacted and what's at stake.

9ine’s platform is designed to avoid ambiguity so you can quickly and categorically assess if an incident constitutes a breach, its scale and if it’s reportable. Unlike other platforms that leave you in the deep end, with Incident Management you have the tools to also record and implement a successful recovery plan.

Use 9ine’s integrated Incident Management and Task Management tools to confidently manage an incident without having to rely on costly external consultancy. Create and assign tasks, notify internal stakeholders and recover from an incident quicker and more successfully than ever before.

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Designed to breakdown compliance inertia!
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Our tried and tested framework enriches your governance framework, fortifies the security of your systems and provides greater protection for staff, students and your school’s reputation. 


- Mark Orchison, 9ine Founder and MD
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Project Management

Accelerate towards compliance by providing complete visibility of your tasks, team and time.

Record Of Processing
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Privacy Management

Rapidly transform into a leader in Data Protection using an education specific framework with built-in workflows, predetermined fields and checklists.

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Identity and Access Management

Be in constant control and have an accurate overview of users and access across your systems. 

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GRC Software Solutions

Incident Management

Incident management empowers you with a dependable, self-governed framework to proactively manage an incident.

GRC Software Solutions


Eye-opening and persuasive board level insight. Demonstrate auditable, data driven intelligence with real-time integrated reporting.

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Reinvent the conversation about governance, risk and compliance in your school.
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