Cyber, Technology & Privacy Incident Management

Be effective in managing cyber, technology & privacy incidents, better protect your school. Reduce impact, remedial costs and incident anxiety.

Improve incident visibility, streamline investigation, react faster and consolidate incident management coordination.

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Effectively manage the full privacy and cyber security incident lifecycle with 9ine Incident Management. Specifically designed for Education, schools can streamline investigations, triage cyber & technology causes, automate tasks, identify risks, create lessons learnt and evaluate reporting to regulatory authorities.

  • Determine the IT systems and security impact as a consequence of the incident
  • Enable departmental collaboration to factually understand scope and impact of the incident
  • Identify privacy related damage and distress on data subjects enabling you to react in compliance with the law
  • Determine how and when to communicate with the school board, leadership team, staff, parents, students, the regulator and other stakeholders
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Quickly determine the IT Systems Impact

Evaluate and identify the type of damage which may infringe on individuals’ legal rights, empowering your school to quickly determine the impact of security incidents and understand whether they pass the threshold to be a data breach or reportable data breach. Where damage is identified to specific data subjects, our powerful tool enables analysis of the level of distress, rated by impact and likelihood.

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Report to senior leaders and the board with a visual report of risk and impact

Report to senior leadership and the board with information that is meaningful and support them to take objective decisions in responding to qualified risks. Our visual reporting of risk given the severity of incident and impact on data subjects removes the need for lengthy reporting, enabling senior leaders and the board to quickly grasp the severity of the incident.