Identify the risks of remote learning with 9ine's free Data Processor Assessment. 

To assist schools during this challenging time, 9ine has published a free Data Processor Assessment. You can request 9ine's free Data Processor Assessment by completing the request form. You will then receive an email from the 9ine team with further guidance on completing the assessment.

There are currently thousands of free learning software offers available to assist schools with the challenges arising from the COVID-19 outbreak. Although there is an urgency to move forward and provide solutions to teachers, students and parents, it's important that a solution, doesn't quickly turn into another problem!

Now is not the time to assume you can 'waive' your school's data protection and safeguarding compliance obligations. 

It is a requirement that you complete a data processing assessment for new software tools that your school is using. This includes virtual learning environments (VLEs), video conferencing apps and online learning apps/tools such as numeracy and literacy learning games. 

How CIS member schools and 9ine clients can further support each other in Data Protection Compliance.

All schools are welcome to request the assessment, however, CIS member schools and 9ine clients are invited to further support each other during the COVID-19 outbreak by collaborating on 9ine’s Data Processor Assessment initiative. 

9ine will be assuring and anonymising submitted Data Processor Assessments in order to provide a Data Processor Assessment database which will be made available to all CIS schools and 9ine clients that submit a completed assessment. You can take part in the collaboration by submitting at least one Data Processor Assessment.

Fellow CIS and 9ine client schools have recently submitted assessments for the following platforms:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • ManageBac
  • MyConcern
  • SeeSaw
  • MyConcern 
  • ParentPay 

Schools that participate in the initiative by submitting a data processor assessment will receive regular updates when new assessments are added to the database.