Data Protection Impact Assessments

9ine’s comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) designed to empower schools with their data risk management.

What is a DPIA?

A DPIA is a risk assessment process that is designed to help organisations identify, manage, and minimise risk related to personal data processing activities in a project or plan.

Also termed as Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), under the GDPR, it is required for schools and other organisations to conduct a DPIA before introducing new data processing systems, activities or technologies or even bringing in temporary support.

In schools, DPIAs are imperative more so when personal data of children is affected, considering them to be less likely to be able to exercise their rights and freedoms under the Data Protection Law.

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What a DPIA Informs

  • Conducting a DPIA will improve awareness in your school of the data protection risks associated with a project. This will help to improve the design of your project and enhance your communication about data privacy risks with relevant stakeholders.
  • The DPIA enables schools acting as data controllers to ensure that services are compliant with their local data law requirements. It integrates core privacy considerations into existing project management and risk management methodologies and policies.
  • DPIAs identify the information risks in relation to personal data and special categories of data but can also be used to assess information risk surrounding business sensitive data.

The 9ine App | Data Protection Impact Assessments

9ine App:

DPIA Screening

Bi-directional integration with Records of Processing, intelligence automation

Information Rights Risk

Assess the risks to you data subjects rights and freedoms, assured accountability

Processing Risk Summary

Transparency in risk and task management, mitigating risk

processing risk summary
Consultancy on Demand

Integrated Help Desk to provide expert advice when you need it

Security of Processing

Identify risk associated with data storage and access, privacy by design


Holistic view of your organisations DPIAs, complete oversight

Review & Approval

Quality assurance control, evidenced objectivity


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How The 9ine App DPIA helps schools manage risk

As a school managing your data privacy programme can be a challenge, often the data protection lead or compliance team are managing this as a dual responsibility, hindering the time you can dedicate to what can seem a complex task.

9ine works exclusively with educational organisations, and the 9ine App has been designed with schools’ needs at the heart of its engineering.

9ine’s DPIA tool has been designed to support your school in meeting its data privacy obligations to analyse, determine, record, and mitigate the risk associated with processing your students, parents and staff's personal data. What makes our solution truly unique is our streamlined educational specific compliance frameworks engineered into every function.

DPIAs within the 9ine App are integrated with your Records of Processing, sharing and updating changes in real time across both core compliance processes. Helping optimise the efficiency of your time spent, by reducing duplication of data input, whilst simultaneously ensuring automated consistency and quality assurance throughout your data privacy programme.

9ine’s DPIAs enable schools to strengthen their data protection and privacy compliance, while safeguarding and protecting children.

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